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Our Mission

My purpose, my reason for getting involved in the mess that is U.S. politics is simple: you.

The American Dream is not something restricted to Democrats or Republicans.  It is the dream of all humanity, to be able to live a good life full of love, laughs, respect, and real happiness.  It is the dream of being connected, to know that you matter and are important.  It's about freedom, acceptance, and understanding that each one of us as human beings has a role to play in this reality.  Bringing people together, creating harmony, and promoting progress based on the fundamental Rights equality is what this campaign is all about.

It's what American leadership should be all about.  Join us, dream with us, and together we can make our dreams a reality.

Who Is Steve Gladstone?

A regular guy, just like you, who grew tired of the partisan politics, the lack of caring towards the American people as a whole, and the distinct lack of direction our representatives have engaged in.  "Politics as usual" is where we've ended up; the blue team versus the red team with those of us in the middle left going "can we play too?"  Then we get promises without real action.

Change starts with doing.  No matter how dire, no matter how systemic or futile circumstances may be, if we, the people, don't stand up and bring us back from the extremes, blame falls on us as much as it falls on government.  Change starts with doing; every journey, all progression forward begins with one step.  I'm taking that step and hope you join me on this sojourn towards a renewed American Dream.

As for the demographic info and quasi-resume:

  • Political Party:  Independent
  • Born June 20, 1980 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - fulfilling eligibility requirements
  • Religion:  Jewish
  • B.S. in Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park (ug, PM1 QuadTrees)
  • Career doing computer-related work, mainly computer programming (web/software development)
  • Programming/IT support for U.S. Army and numerous federal, state, and local agency departments
  • Middle/Upper-Middle Class, putting me in contention for the poorest candidate running
  • Paid 18.8% in 2014 federal taxes
  • Baltimore area resident for the last 28 years
  • May or may not be a closet Orioles fan
  • Philadelphia Eagles all the way
  • Geek at heart.  Technology, games, it's all good
  • Likes philosophy, history, science, movies, martial arts, long walks on the beach (really long walks anywhere are cool), and humor.  Anything that stimulates the intellect and/or involves skillsets of some sort are awesome to me.




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