• What job do you currently hold? Does that give you any relevant experience?
    I'm a computer developer (generalist in many realms) for a marketing firm. I've worked at marketing firms for the last 11 years. These firms have worked with small, medium, and large accounts in many different sectors of our economy- travel, hospitality, federal government, state government, local government, tech companies, healthcare providers, education, child care, clothing, retail, and more. Through all these experiences I've learned how projects in public and private sectors function, learned of government bloat, learned of government wastefulness, learned of efficiencies, learned about the politics involved with projects, learned how all aspects of a business or agency work together to produce a good or service. All this through technology. Yet, the country rolls into the 21st century still confused in many ways about how technology works and how it can help us better all aspects of our lives. This is incredibly important because our current representatives in Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court are very much illiterate when it comes to technology. Such leads to poor legislation on our unalienable Rights and our rights promised via the Bill of Rights. It costs us happiness and costs us billions in wasted tax dollars. We need more geeks representing us, especially geeks who can learn and understand how the whole system works. Geeks that go "that's not part of my job description, thus I don't care" don't help anyone 🙁 
  • You say you're Independent. Do you side with the Democrats more? Republicans? Are you far left or far right?
    It really depends on the issue. If you say you want to eliminate taxes but also want to ensure all children get quality food, healthcare, and education, then you are both far right and far left.... and you're going to have a really hard time making those two viewpoints coexist. My views are based around our unalienable Rights and the concept of equality of opportunity. That forms the foundation of what America and the American Dream is all about. From there, views change depending on the issue. I want to provide support to those in need, but people who abuse the system sometime need a hard lesson in reality. Likewise, I want to curb wasteful, ineffective, and inefficient spending... but that doesn't mean I want to cut funding to agency XYZ. There is a balance, a harmony that can be achieved. You just need to look at data, look at trends, understand the human condition, and follow the path of our unalienable Rights and equality of opportunity to succeed.
  • What happened to running for President?
    I registered with the FEC to run for President in June of 2016. My thinking was that the depth of my policy far exceeded any other candidate at the time (and still does the vast majority of them) and such would help steer the conversation of politics from partisan rhetoric. That naivete turned out to not be true at all. No matter how many press releases or emails I sent, mainstream media cared not for policy. Details don't sell. So in January I decided to try something else and focus in my state. Senator Mikulski was retiring and a number of candidates were aching for the chance. And again, the level of policy detail was (and still is) incredibly poor. My worry is that Maryland will vote for a representative based purely on party and that some candidates may coast in. The country deserves better. It deserves real plans, real details, more than overly generic statements that don't explain "how" or "why." Hence my doing what I'm doing!


The Issues

  • Why such a heavy focus on unalienable Rights?
    The Declaration of Independence is the first document we, as a nation, produced. It is a symbol of our unity and our freedom manifesto. It is also the most overlooked document when it comes to legal and legislative action by our government. At the time of the Founding Fathers, at the time of President Lincoln and the Civil War, and to this very day, the greatest minds and greatest leaders our nation has ever had sought to push through the message of equality amongst all men, all human beings. It is the source of so much angst, so much social unrest, and wastes billions of dollars (taxpayer and private sector) because people don't understand or don't follow that message. My goal is to drive this point home, to make people understand just what America is all about. It's the "why" for America, not the "what" that everyone know. "Land of the free," yes, but what does that mean? This is super important to understand, something that we're on the cusp of grasping as a nation. I'm just looking to push us over the edge in that regard 🙂        

  • But how do unalienable Rights affect my quality of life?
    Unalienable Rights, when recognized and supported by our government, provide quality of life to everyone. It maximizes societal happiness as best it can. And when we as human beings realize these Rights in ourselves and every other human being on the planet, we are able to transcend the baser instincts of "me me me." It helps create more of an "us us us" attitude, pushing everyone forward on the path of happiness. Because that's what life is supposed to be about, right? Real happiness. Furthermore, from a pragmatic point of view, consider the billions that public and private sector organizations will save when they are not fighting against the unalienable Rights of mankind. What will they do with that money? If they want to support the idea of our unalienable Rights, they'd use it for innovation, progress, and pushing our nation forward as a single unified entity; if they want to be selfish and ignore the idea of unalienable Rights, they'll have millions of dollars extra for their own personal use. Either way, progress is made. Then it becomes a matter of seeing who will be logically consistent with this idea and who will spin it to their benefit at the cost of everyone else 🙁

  • How about the war on drugs?
    Kinda not working as well as everyone would hope. And because of our current healthcare laws, we're causing a surge in drug intake (not talking about marijuana). I fully support marijuana legalization. No I've never smoked it and I have no plans nor desire to smoke it. Other drugs need to be addressed as well.
  • Don't forget guns!
    Yes, I have thoughts on guns as well. I fully support the second amendment and the right to defend one's self. I also know from experience at ranges that there are idiots out there who don't know how to properly handle a gun, who fail at gun etiquette and gun respect. Supporting the right to protection while also wanting to increase gun safety and gun awareness is tough to balance. And no matter how you try to slice it, there are millions of guns in America that make preventing gun violence borderline impossible. This is a tough, nuanced issues that needs to be discussed... but without the usual emotion the derails calm discourse.
  • Energy? Climate change? Infrastructure?
    All very important! And all plans that are in the works. These details take awhile to write when you're a one man team with a full time job 🙁


Campaign Questions

  • How are you funding all this?
    Currently the only presence I have is online. Running a site and social media is fairly cheap as you can see on the transparency page. I also still have my day job. With all the issues and policies pretty much already written and decided in my notebook, I'm way ahead of all the other candidates who have yet to fully flesh out a campaign. It's good to have a plan... and contingencies!
  • Will you be on the ballot come November 2016?
    I have until August 1, 2016 to gather 1% of registered voter signatures in Maryland. That's about 41,000 individuals. If my policies take hold, getting that should not be a problem!
  • What if another, more well known candidate emerged with the same positions you have?
    If a new candidate emerged with my same positions, my same desires, and had a much better chance of winning, I would support them in a heartbeat. What I'm doing, what this campaign is trying to do, is put the self second. The American people must come first. All of them, from the 1% to the 99th% and everyone in-between. Every other candidate out there wants to win as a priority. I want to give the American people what they deserve and what they need. Winning would be a nice by-product, but having a real, honest campaign with real discussions of the issues and real discourse over policy is what our country has lacked for years. The Dream is starting to fade. Anyone who can help give that Dream a boost, who can put our unalienable Rights first, who can craft policy by the people for the people regardless of partisanship.... they have my support, 1000%. Let me know if you find that person 🙂   




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