"... among these..."

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  These are the three unalienable Rights called out at the beginning of our Declaration of Independence.  But they are not the only unalienable Rights.  The text clearly states "among these," meaning the Rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are a selection, a subset of all the unalienable Rights of mankind.  In addition to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I find there to be three other Rights that are unalienable, Rights that are, again, universal to humanity itself, endowed upon us all by our Creator:  Love, Honor, and Humor.

Let us talk of love.

Love is the glue that binds us, that unites us and brings us together.  Since the beginning of human history, love has driven us to new heights, new experiences, and new ways of viewing the world in totality.  We keep continuing on this path for love, real love, is such a fundamental aspect of ourselves that no matter how dire circumstances may be, no matter how dark, no matter how violent, no matter what pain is inflicted upon us in this existence, we will always have love, the eternal light from our hearts that shows the world we're alive, and we give a damn.

Love and the pursuit of happiness share an incredible bond.  Our happiness is contingent upon our ability to love.  All that we love is all that brings us happiness, whether it's id induced or born from the depths of our very soul.  Love and the ability to love allows us to transcend into something bigger than ourselves and we must return to this idea, re-embrace our hearts for the betterment of the world.

This is not easy.  Simple, but not easy.  Anyone who has loved deeply knows that love is not easy by any stretch of the imagination.  Love is both a fount of happiness and a well of sorrow, inflicting pleasure and pain on us in a myriad of ways we might never have thought possible.  Life is also not easy.  Nor liberty.  And our sojourns down the path to happiness will always be tried.  Thus, with love, with our knowledge of just how powerful love is, how integral it is to happiness and to life, with our love transcendent, we can take the steps necessary to help others, to provide aide and assistance for anyone in need, to protect those on the path of happiness and those embracing love in body and soul.

All I ask of you, America, is to keep this idea of love in your heart.  Hold it close, protect it, treasure it, and realize that every person you bump in to, people of every race, religion, and gender, everyone no matter their political or world views, they all are doing their best to live, to be free, to be happy, and, above all in this phase of existence, to love.  Realize this, realize how difficult it is and empathize.  Appreciate the effort others may go through.  If we all do so, maybe, just maybe, we can make the world a better place, full of smiles and laughter instead of frowns and sorrow.

Just maybe, we can do this together.  This is what I ask of you.  Live, be free, be happy, and love as much as you can.  That is my dream, my vision for this great country of ours.


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