Maryland Voters -- be a part of history! For the first time in US history, a federal government candidate is collecting electronic signatures to get their name on the ballot, based on this motion for a declaratory ruling to the Maryland State Board of Elections. This has far reaching implications for our political process. With electronic signatures, everyone with an internet connection (desktop, phone, tablet, console, etc) can be part of the story by submitting a signature in support of a candidate- Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, Libertarian or other party, no matter what their physical location may be. Whether you're disabled, confined to your home, stuck in a hospital, rehab center, or even stationed overseas, you can be an active participant. Isn't technology wonderful?

Please fill out the form fields below to match your voter registration and be a part of US and Maryland history!

By signing this petition, you agree that the aforementioned candidate, Steve Gladstone, should be placed on the ballot for the office indicated (United States Senator) and that, to the best of your knowledge, you are registered to vote in Maryland and are eligible to have your signature counted for this petition.

By entering my name in this box, checking the "Accept" box above, and clicking the "Submit" button below, I hereby provide my electronic signature to petition the Board to add Mr. Gladstone to the ballot for United States Senate.

Circulator's Affidavit. Under penalties of perjury, I swear (or affirm) that: (a) I was at least 18 years old when each signature was obtained; (b) the information given above identifying me is true and correct; (c) I personally observed each signer as he or she signed this page; and (d) to the best of my knowledge and belief: (i) all signatures on this page are genuine; and (ii) all signers are registered voters of Maryland. (Sign and Date when signature collection is completed).

By entering my name in this box, checking the "Accept" box above, and clicking the "Submit" button below, I hereby provide my electronic signature swearing or affirming the statements in the Circulator's Affidavit above.

Please Note: The information you provide on this petition is public information and may be used to change your voter registration address.

Privacy & Security: As a proponent of encryption, digital security, and individual privacy, all data collected here is strongly encrypted and stored in restricted access databases. No one has the multiple key/passphrases necessary to decrypt data but myself. Data is only decrypted when petitions are submitted to the State Board of Elections. Once petitions have been submitted, all data collected will be deleted from the database. Your information will not be collected, sold, or otherwise used in any way other than to fill out petitions electronically for the State Board of Elections. The process is necessary to ensure data integrity and your privacy is maintained.


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